2020 School Active Assailant Readiness Training Program For Individual Faculty

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School Active Assailant Readiness Training: Faculty/Staff

A recent study revealed that 95% of active shooter incidents at schools were carried out by current or former students. Do you know how to identify behaviors that indicate a student of yours is heading towards violence?

We all would like to think it can’t happen to us, but the unfortunate reality is that violence does happen. As recent events have shown, there are often red flags that predict violent acts. Our training teaches you how to cultivate awareness, and how to recognize the signs of potential violence. And, in case a violent event does occur, we teach you how to respond effectively within your school and in your personal life.

What you will learn:

Trident Shield's Proprietary Approach:

"Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend" 


The "Prepare" portion of our training program consists of two types of preparation: 1) preparing your mind to respond to any form of violent situation and 2) preparing yourself in that moment as violence breaks out around you.  Our course shows you how to prepare yourself and your students for the quickest and most effective response in the event of an Active Assailant/Active Shooter.



While escaping is often the best option for surviving a violent event once it starts, removing yourself and students from the immediate threat may not be as simple as running towards the nearest exit.  That's why our program teaches each faculty member to think and respond appropriately - given their current reality - to increase the likelihood of their survival.


Barricading is the best means of keeping separation between you and the attacker when escaping is not an option.  If you don't know how to identify and properly barricade those spaces that can be, your chances of surviving an active assailant event are severely impacted.  Barricading is a physical skill that only comes from learning and 'active planning' - another live lesson we teach in our program.  



Our program teaches the complete range of available responses to an active threat and that includes defending your own life.  Any program omitting this critical component is incomplete at best if not negligent.  Our objective is NOT to teach everyone to be scissor wielding office ninjas, as that is not practical.  Rather, we systematically show what effective ambush tactics look like using 3-person, 2-person and 1-person teams.  All of our training videos are produced so that they are obviously done in a controlled, safe, non-threatening manner. 

We don't subscribe to any fear-based training methods.

Safety in all Aspects of Your Life

Throughout the training, the advice and techniques discussed will teach you how to apply the skills at home, in the workplace and throughout your personal life.


• Recognizing behavioral changes
• Mindset & skills
• Situational awareness
• Active planning
• Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend


• Improvised weapons
• Barricading
• Disabling a firearm
• Ambush tactics
• What to do when Law enforcement arrives