School Active Assailant Readiness Training: Student

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School Active Assailant Readiness Training: Student

A recent study revealed that 95% of active shooter incidents at schools were carried out by current or former students. Do you know how to identify behaviors that indicate a classmate is heading towards violence?

We all would like to think it can’t happen to us, but the unfortunate reality is that violence does happen. As recent events have shown, there are often red flags that predict violent acts. Our training teaches you how to cultivate awareness, and how to recognize the signs of potential violence. And, in case a violent event does occur, we teach you how to respond effectively within your school and in the rest of your life. 

What you will learn-


Trident Shield begins by focusing on ‘Foundational Elements’ to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to recognize, avoid, or diffuse a situation before it ever reaches the point of violence.


Unfortunately, it is equally essential that you are properly educated in how to respond in a violent situation. Our course shows you how to prepare yourself and your loved ones for the quickest and most effective response in the event of an Active Assailant/Active Shooter.


The ‘Skills’ component of the course will cover crucial survival techniques. In these dynamic situations, no single action will be the ‘correct’ answer for everyone, so our goal is to equip each person with the ability to make their own informed and rational decisions to survive violent incidents.

Safety in all Aspects of Your Life

Throughout the training, the advice and techniques discussed will teach you how to apply the skills at school, home, and throughout your personal life.


• Recognizing behavioral changes
• Mindset & skills
• Situational awareness
• Active planning
• Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend


• Improvised weapons
• Barricading
• Disabling a firearm
• Ambush tactics
• What to do when Law enforcement arrives